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A warm welcome to Praxis Typography

This page gives me a chance to speak directly to everyone who visits the site, to say hello and welcome. Every visitor is invited to have a look around the website & if you have any questions, contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Underlying principles

A typographic/letterpress printing design practice fuelled by words of substance; Praxis Typography strives to alleviate social oppressions & speak truth to power. By no means a trivial undertaking... so to keep things balanced & healthy, the practice makes posters/artworks that are visually thrilling as well as providing new perspectives. 

This is a practice of typographic expression & creative use of language. Luckily these are both activities which lend themselves to experimentation & curiosity, which are applied generously in
the work. It is worth noting also, that many of the posters/ artworks don’t claim to be definitive statements, but part of
a broader dialogue.  

The business model

More than a crafted object to be framed, the prints have a life beyond that - many posters/artworks made at Praxis Typography work towards solving issues they raise. Purchasing a print labelled as [Fundraising] from the shop doesn’t just support the business, but also contributes financially towards resolving the ideas discussed in that print. I see this as a concrete & tangible way to invest in an idea. The contribution is most commonly to charities with resources & expertise. You can read on each product page where the contribution is sent to or read more about the initiative by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Sustainable craft practices

With future generations in mind, letterpress prints are made with the upmost care for fine printing & excellent typographic execution. Some of the machines and materials used are from over 100 years ago & used with such care that they will still be usable in 100 years.

Photography by Norman Posselt, 2021

I was born in London of English/Polish heritage. I discovered printing at school & went on to study a Foundational Diploma in art & design at Leeds College of Art. During the diploma I was introduced to letterpress printing & became drawn to letterforms. For the next three years I studied Graphic Design at Falmouth University, becoming completely enthralled with the discipline of typography while honing my skills as a writer.


Soon after completing my formal studies in 2016 & returning to London, I entered industry through an apprenticeship in Letterpress Printing at Alan Kitching’s Typography Workshop. During these years I received a masterclass in expressive typography & letterpress techniques. I also learned about the unique place that letterpress holds in society, blending craft, design & commerce. In 2019 I relocated to Berlin & in early 2020 founded Praxis Typography.

The business went public in  2022.

Profile of the founder

Signing off

Creating a socially sustainable business, which moves towards a more durable and fair society drives Praxis Typography. The business is built on the idea that in order to progress and succeed through such a challenging period, time must be spent unravelling decayed societal structures unfit for purpose. This is my modest attempt to do so, in the realm of commerce.

Contact details

Get in touch for commissions or enquiries:

Also find the business on: Instagram     LinkedIn

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