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Jin Jiyan Azadi large format prints

For our third collaborative project, Golnar Kat Rahmani and I made the Jin Jiyan Azadi message burst with energy. Working with the same message as before, we both took the opportunity to restructure our typographic designs and present them on a larger format. By work with 350x500mm paper, rather than 148x210mm like in the previous designs, we were able to push the woodtype collection at p98a to it's limits. The bi-scriptual designs are rooted in feminist activism, and use both Arabic and Roman scripts in Farsi and English to add a layer of accessibility. The decision to use multiple scripts brings a unique perspective to the project. The posters face a global audience and emphasize the international nature of this struggle.

Originating from the Kurdish freedom movement, the slogan "Jin Jiyan Azadi", provides a powerful foundation for the project. The connection to events in Iran in 2022, particularly the protest movement following Mahsa Amini's death, as well as the spate of executions in the past two months (October & November 2023) within the state of Iran underscores the ongoing urgency. Purchase of these posters supports the Woman* Life Freedom Collective in Berlin, with a percentage of money being donated on your behalf.

Three distinct designs

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Using hand-set woodtype, metal type and typographic elements, we made this bold and dynamic design. The typographic elements in use are 2cicero rules. Golnar's overlay on Farsi in black gave a clear structure to the posters. We liked the stark design so much we printed an edition of 13 of only the metal type. For the other posters, the Arabic was overlayed on a very active composition of sans serif woodtype.

The larger woodtype uses the largest complete typefaces available at p98a, combining the 40cicero letters with type that matches visually. The concrete monochrome poster (edition of 8) gives weight to the message, while the full colour prints (edition of 24) reference the emotion pushing the Jin Jiyan Azadi movement around the world. The full colour prints are available at a scale of intensity of the colours. The artworks are available at three price points to encourage accessibility of hand-made artwork. See the posters below, then check them out in the shop.

last photo by Norman Posselt at p98a


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